We can only spread our mission of providing 100% all natural eco-friendly tablewares to the world with the help of our amazing retail and wholesale partners.

We understand that each market is different, and therefore we provide not only our collections, but also high quality custom-made items, to help you best fulfil your customer's need.


Along with our collections, we specialise in custom private labelling (most of the times laser engravings due to the nature of our products) and packaging for individuals and companies. This has included event such as weddings, fundraising and corporate events, to your own company and customer's labels. 

Our goal is to provide a stress-free buying experience for our customers. Therefore we strive to provide an all-in-one solution, at a reasonably lower price and time saving manners whenever possible. Private labelling will not only enhance your unique place in the market, but also strengthen your brand and build customer loyalty in today's crowded market.

Interested in working together? Please fill out the form below or reach out to hello@bali-harvest.com.